Road Show Manager

Road ShowsRoad Shows are part of the daily churn of business development activities at Investment Banks and Securities Brokerage Houses. These activities are often coordinated from with in the Organization's CRM system. However, due to the the specific demands of the events often key items become hard to locate or coordinate especially when an executive is on the road often becoming an area of distraction from the key activity of the trip.

Our Road Show Manager can interface with the main CRM of your organization to give users a simple one-stop solution that keeps all data, decision making and resource directories coordinated and readily available to the various participants on demand wherever in the world they may be.

The the key automated features of the application are as follows:

  • Creation of a Roadshow event. Marking it as a deal or a non-deal.
  • Assigning a manager / owner for the same.
  • Selection of geography for the selected dates
  • Selection of the investors for the selected geography from a master list of Investors
  • Creating a target list of these Investors and arranging them in priority based on the prioritization of the Investors
  • Collection of comments from team members of Investment Bank / Broker for the selected list of Investors
  • Intimation to team members about the final list of Investors selected
  • Meeting requests to the investors for the roadshow event via email Communication in a customized format
  • Updating responses from the investors (parallel views are available for use by Admin Assistants and Secretaries)
  • Communication of the investor meeting request response to the select Investment Bank / Broker team members
  • A page displaying meeting schedules per day of the event along with the empty slots if any
  • Communication of the meeting Schedule to the company management/ select Investment Bank / Broker team members over email along with Calendar marking for the Investment Bank / Broker Team and Company Management
  • Communication to the investors about their meeting slots in email and / or outlook calendar entry
  • TravelĀ  itineraries to the team members travelling along with the list of materials to be carried (presentations/ CD/ DRHPs etc)